WORK 026

Anteroom House

We envisioned a spatial experience whereby every function could be visually open and connected to one another yet when required, they could also close off to form private little spaces. Interestingly enough, the existing entrance of the house opens into a little nook and we took the opportunity to locate the tea room as a form of anteroom to the house, which seemingly can be seen as a grand gesture yet also an intimate one at the same time when the screens are close off. Here, a nice afternoon tea can be enjoyed amidst the surrounding external landscape of the house.

The circulation continues through 2 large sliding screens that allows the living room to be opened up for natural light to enter the space. We capitalized on the vast extent of the first storey to stack the dining and kitchen adjacent to the living so that the house is visually connected in one glance. By introducing a freestanding tv console, another layer of circulation was created to conceal the secondary functions of the house from plain sight, namely the store, powder room and guest bedroom.

The same strategy was implemented in the master bedroom, where the more private areas of the room is screen off from the entrance with a monolithic volume that houses the tv console, dresser and various forms of storage. This creates a secondary circulation within the room leading you to the walk in wardrobe and master bath.