WORK 025


It started out as a simple request from the owner: Create a clean backdrop to take group photos when hosting family and friends at home. We studied the request and found ways to harmonise it with their design intent. Rather than move a bedroom door drastically, we proposed to shift it economically to align with the master bedroom, resulting in a long continuous wall that functions as the photo backdrop and acts as a seamless portal to two bedrooms, hiding these private spaces away from plain sight, effectively segmenting the flat into an unconventional setting of public and private zones.

The public zone, composed of the living and dining room, study and kitchen, feels wide and spacious enough to host guests. Upon entering, the focus becomes the dining table with the fluted wall and study room re-fitted with glass panels that enable more natural light into the space while showcasing the owner’s extensive guitar collection.

A translucent sliding pocket door separates the dining space and kitchen, creating a seamless connection while maximising natural light from the kitchen – even when the door is closed. The kitchen was kept wide and spacious by creating a single galley kitchen and laundry room with top to bottom carpentry neatly tucked to one side.

The muted colour scheme comprising neutral colours like beige carpentry and grey floors and a clean material palette lends a sense of tranquillity, which also complements the owner’s Catholic memorabilia. Curved accents were added to soften the space. The playful use of colour comes in the bathroom with dusty green carpentry and a colourful sink.