WORK 023

A Quiet House

A quiet house – a name which best compliments this unassuming home to a young family nested within a row of houses. The existing structure of the house was retained for budgetary consideration with a rear extension and the roof was raised to insert an attic. We were mindful to craft each space and moment with much care and consideration to achieve the idea of ‘just right’ – not too much, not too little, but a comfortable balance and proportion in relation to the functions and furniture in each space.

The proximity in both sight and distance between one space to the next was purposefully considered with a triple volume atrium that hovers above the dining area. The heart of the house - where circulation revolves around, connects the levels visually and spatially, allowing communication and interaction to transpire across the various spaces which fills the house with light and life in the day and illuminates softly and calmly when the night falls.

The spaces are divided with the first storey as a common area where living, dining and kitchen are located, always ready to host dinners and parties which can easily spill out into the open patio when extra room is required. Two common bedrooms which enjoys a high pitched ceiling and the master bedroom which is served by double wardrobes for the Mr & Mrs are housed on the second storey.

An open plan study and family room sits within the attic level which allows for cross ventilation, passively cooling the attic and the house by releasing hot air that is accumulated at the top of the triple volume atrium. A double sided shelf sits between the study and the family room, creating a functional and porous partition which makes the space feel open and vibrant.