WORK 017

House of Textures

House of textures explores how smaller residential spaces can be maximized to allow a seamless flow of spaces without being excessive and cluttered. We envisioned a palette of textures and coverings consisting of veneer panels, stone or lime wash paint to line the circulation of the house, cleverly concealing the various functions and storages while spotting a clean and timeless aesthetic. 

A unique skewed entrance slowly reveals a bright and open communal space, where one is greeted by the built-in display shelves of various objects curated by the owner. A series of concealed doors along the wall leads you to the kitchen and the guest bath, keeping the utilitarian spaces hidden from the living and dining area. The wall ends with a timber cladded nook that creates a visual intrigue and spatial curiosity, with the steps ultimately leading to the private areas of the house. 

We reconfigured the space with a few simple shifts in the location of the wall and doors to improve the flow and the use of space. Capitalizing on the existing bay windows that are located in the master bedroom, master bath and kid’s bedroom, allows us to turn the them into functional real estate in this compact unit, making simple rituals like brushing your teeth in the morning or studying at night becomes much more enjoyable with the cityscape as your backdrop.