WORK 007

A Little White House

The brief was to keep the existing structure of the house to reduce the cost and built-up to the allowable height. The client’s requirement was an open kitchen connected to the dining, a gym, a spacious master bedroom and wardrobe and a pitch roof – which is a unique request for a terrace house and also a start point to plan the spatial hierarchical.

We plan the master bedroom and wardrobe at the attic to enjoy the high ceiling space, also as an spatial sequence where you start and end the day at the top of the house. The master bedroom and master wardrobe are connected by a short flight of stairs which is above the 2nd storey corridor. Creating a connection and spatial intrigue between the floors.

2nd storey is where the bedrooms and gym are location. The entrance to the bedrooms and gym are through a double volume corridor filled with natural light. Since the house is north south facing, the gym enjoys cross ventilation breeze when fully opened and connection with the large outdoor balcony.

Living, dining and kitchen are arranged in a linear and open manner. These individual spaces are demarcated by the arch and columns. This unobstructed movement encourage the liberal use of the space.  – ie. One can enjoy a meal at the dining table while another is sitting at the kitchen island but still able to communicate. A ‘free seating’ idea where you are connected and able to communicate with ease but not be at the same table.