WORK 000

House YT

Exploring the idea of specific space for specific purpose and merging space with related purpose, House YT is zoned by bold primary colors and materials to contain and separate the space without sacrificing the visual connection and movement of an open plan.

Having transportation of material to site in mind, polycarbonate sheet was used for the 2-meter length sliding door and glass block to ‘borrow’ light from the study to the walk-through wardrobe. The study room which was planned as a space for the kids to concentrate on their school work when they start school in a few years has turned into a serendipitous space as a home office during covid-19.  Bookshelf is planned along the bedroom and study entrance to maximize the usage of the corridor.

Although the house is predominantly white, colors are used to shape, demarcate, and brighten the space. The strong color contrast enhances the spatial experience by ‘compressing’ the entrance portal in dark color before one enters into a vibrant colored space. To square the living room, blue color is used on the wall, floor and ceiling to highlight the triangle space. Bright yellow color circle is painted in the bedroom wall for a cheerful start everyday.