WORK 000

House C

House C is built upon an idea conceived from celebrating the circulation corridor that is atypical of a Singapore public housing typology instead of treating it as a utilitarian and transitional space. Pockets of openings were introduced throughout this corridor which leads the user to the various programs of the house, allowing the corridor to become that portal between the bedrooms and the living spaces, carefully concealing and surprising the user every step of the way.

The kitchen, study and the living seemingly sits on an open plan, but they are carefully segregated through the spatial grid of the house. Using the existing beams and joinery to demarcate the living from the kitchen, and an application of different wall colors and materials detaches the open study from the kitchen. You can almost see the frames of these openings to the various spaces. By keeping the living space open, daylight and cross ventilation is allowed to flush into the space from the windows along the perimeter.

When the design started, it was important to make the entrance experience a rather peculiar and exciting one, which was the fulfilled by bringing the corridor to the front of the house. Different volumes, depths and openings were created within this corridor, almost like a house within a house, where the smaller bedroom is actually set in with a little step-up platform, and the master bedroom wall was cladded in an entirely different plywood finish to create another layer. Openings along this corridor leads to the different spaces, but some are seating spaces and windows through to the master vanity which allows cross ventilation across the entire house. 

Natural materials and raw textures applied on walls, floors and ceiling are also used across the house that creates an interesting juxtaposition between the clean joinery and furnishing of the space. The kitchen consists of a series of monolithic counter tops in black which are seen almost as objects in space, including the long island counter that the owners work and dine on.