• duration : start 2020 | end 2020

  • type : Graphic

  • name of submission : SINGAPOREAN (forget CMIO)

  • client profile : National Gallery Singapore

  • brief : Open call for gallery light up 2020. 'Art is a reflection of society, in that art reflects our history and documents the crucial component of our lives. And as our society grows, art changes to reflect its new developments. Hence, the Gallery Light Up in this current phase of the project, invites Singapore-based visual artists whose practice creates dialogue with the art of Singapore and the region, to respond to an artwork from the National Collection, with a submission of an original 2D digital artwork, so as to provide a new perspective into the National Collection of artworks that are in the care of the Gallery, seen through the lens of artists today, in relation to current realities experienced.' - National Gallery Singapore


Singapore is made up of different racial group. Are you Chinese, Malay, Indian or others? Even our NRIC state our race. To truly embrace ourselves as Singaporean, perhaps we need to lose the constant reminder of the race you are.